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Syyren Mainguard by TheSyyren Syyren Mainguard by TheSyyren
The main character of Accidental Afterlife and one of my oldest and most favourite OCs. He has a high level tolerance (except when it comes to Jai Wen), is easily excited, and is generally optimistic. He grew up in Sydney, Australia, before he ran away from his abusive father with his best friend William Polomick (an Orphan who was dragged there from Scotland by his foster parents who ended up ditching him when he turned 18) and wound up in Detroit. On a Friday the 13th an odd fellow going by the name of Mr. Reaper G. showed up to Syyren while he was sleeping in an abandoned house and took him to a strange world called 'The Second Chance'. Once there, Syyren learns he is what's called a 'Shifter' meaning whenever the day he got pulled in comes around on any given month comes around he can go back to the real world for a week before he gets sucked back in. He also on about a war going on between a plethora of factions to find an item called 'The Black Apple' which is said to be able to bring an entire faction back to the real world. Mr. Reaper G. runs a faction called Grim, which used to be one of the greatest factions in the war but, it got destroyed practically overnight by another faction called 'Wings'. And so, Syyren began helping Mr. Reaper G. rebuild the once powerful Grim.
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July 16, 2013
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